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Forging shaft

Forging shaft

Forging shaft

Forged steel shafts are created through a manufacturing process that involves the shaping of the forged shaft using localized compressive forces.
The forging process begins when a piece of steel is struck repeatedly with a hammer or squeezed with a press.
As a forging shaft manufacturer,we can produce as client’s drawings,We can propose the flexibility of small quantity manufacturing as well as perform emergency orders according customers demand.

We Supply The Following Materials Of Forging Shafts & Casting Steel Shaft

Carbon&Alloy Steel 1045/4140/4130 and others
Stainless Steel 304/316
Duplex 2205, 2507 & Zeron
As a custom forged shaft manufacturer we can also create forge steel shafts in smaller sizes in any of the over all materials we work with, including multiple grades of stainless steel.and we also do Casting Shaft Products.
Forged Shaft Advantages
Our forged steel shafts are created from sound-center billet which is superior to bar stock in numerous ways including:

Increased Strength
Greater Ductility
Better Resistance to Fatigue
Increased service life
The Application Industries Of Our Forged Steel Shaft &Casting Shafts
Electric Motor Manufacturing
Food Processing
Special Machine Building
Pelletizing & Compacting Equipment
Steel Mill
And More

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